About Us

Didier’s Grocery Inc. was founded in 1958 by Jerome Didier. The first Didier’s Grocery store was located in Bellwood, NE. It was purchased from Drennen Hicks in 1958.

In 1962 Jerome moved the business across the street into the old Forree Hardware store. After 3 years of increasing business Didier’s Grocery added on to the building in 1965 nearly doubling its size. In 1978 Didier’s Grocery purchased another store in Schuyler, NE from Ron Steiner. Then 3 years later on January 3, 1981 Jerome Didier passed away from a heart attack at the young age of 49. After his death, his son Jeff Didier moved back to Schuyler from Omaha to run the Schuyler store and long time employee Jim Cockson took over the Bellwood store. Also in the same year Didier’s Grocery, seeing the need for a larger store, purchased the Grubbs Jack and Jill store in downtown Schuyler. In 1988 Didier’s Grocery purchased another store in David City, NE which is run by Jerome’s other son Tony Didier. With the opening of the David City store Didier’s decided to close its Bellwood store in 1993. In 1995 Didier’s Grocery in Schuyler decided to build a brand new store on the intersection of Highway 30 and 15. Along with this new store Didier’s also built two other buildings one is a Subway and the other is a Colfax County Farm Service Agency. In 2008 Jim Cockson retired and Jeff Didier was appointed corporate president.

Didier’s Grocery went from a 1500 sq ft. store some 50 years ago to the now 18,000 sq. ft Schuyler store and 6,000 sq. ft David City store. The corporation today employs some 90 employees some of which have been with the company 20+ years.